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About Backpacking

What is Backpacking?

Backpacking is defined travel or hike carrying one’s belongings in a backpack / rucksack.

There are 2 kinds of backpacking;
1. Urban Backpacking – This is a travel (urban travel) through developed places like cities, towns etc. using the modes like train, bus even walking and carrying everything you need in a backpack. Usually living in cost economic hostels etc. This is the more popular backpacking among Europeans. So, when we say backpacking, usually Europeans think of this kind of travel.
2. Wilderness Backpacking – This is human powered travel through backcountry while carrying all the required supplies in a backpack. In other words, backpacking is a multi-day trek that involves camping in the wilderness and carrying all your stuff in a backpack. In this course this is what we mean by backpacking.

What are the differences b/w Hiking, Trekking, Backpacking & Mountaineering?

Difference Hiking Trekking Backpacking Mountaineering
Difference Hiking Trekking Backpacking Mountaineering

For more info on the differences, you may want to read this article.
Difference b/w Hiking, Trekking, Backpacking & Mountaineering

Course Structure

What are the objectives of this course?

  • Gain a general awareness of human powered travel in a backcountry setting.
  • Appropriately select clothing for safe and enjoyable backcountry living.
  • Demonstrate the ability to select and utilize proper equipment for a safe and enjoyable backpacking trip.
  • Perform basic outdoor living techniques.
  • Display backcountry travel and camping ethics.
  • Perform as a contributing member of a group on an environmentally conscious course.

What does this course consist of?

The course consists of three sessions (B1, B2 & B3). They all include multiple days of trekking and camping in the wilderness.

Will the hikes be strenuous?

Hikes for this course could vary from beginner, medium to advanced. Level of difficulty will be mentioned against each session. However, there will not be any high altitude trekking (Mountaineering) as part of this course.

Can I bring a friend for a hike?

Yes and No. Please read further.
(The YES part) : You may bring your friends only for B1 camping and theory session. All other backpacking sessions are currently open only for registered students.
(The No part) : This course has a progressive nature. That is participants progress in their skills and adaptability in wilderness trekking and backpacking. If someone new directly joins for a B2 or B3 trek, he/she might slow down the entire group. We do not want that. Hence we have decided not to allow those who are not registered for this course.

How will you be tracking my course progress?

Bangalore Adventure School will be providing an Adventure Passport for all the registered students. We will use this adventure passport to track your progress through out the course.

I have already been on hikes. So can I skip any of the hikes within the course and pay part of the fees?

No other trek or camping event is counted as part of this course and partial payment is not accepted as registration.

What will be the duration of each session?

B1 – The Basics – 1 Night & 1 Day
In this session, you will learn the fundamentals; how to pack your backpack, camping etc.. Participants will learn about different types of tents, pitching their own tents, how to keep themselves warm inside a tent during a cold night. Will also learn how to start and sustain a fire. There wont be any strenous hike in this session; only camping and theory sessions.

B2 – 2 Days & 1 Night Backpacking
Expect five to ten kms of trek / hike on the first and last day. Students will also be camping in the wilderness.

B3 – 3 Days & 2 Nights Backpacking:
This is a strenous 3 days wilderness backpacking trip completely away from civilisation. Expect no developed facilities at all during this trip. There wont be bathrooms available, no food places, water might be scarce, temparature might vary a lot between day and night.

Course Fees

How much does the course cost?

Course Fee:
For WTC Graduates: 5,899 INR
For Lateral Entry: 12,899
WTC + WBC Bundle: 10,899

This fee is for the entire course (B1, B2, B3 ). And after completing the course, you are eligible to join us for any number of backpacking trip without paying any fees. But, please note that the course fee does not include transportation and food.

Can I get any discount on the fees?

Bangalore Adventure School provides generous earlybird discounts to those who register early. Apart from that, we have reward points. For each event you attend you get reward points which can be used to register for future events.
We also have a referral reward system. If you have a friend already registered in our website, he/she will be able to provide you a referral link. If you create your account in our website, both of you will get 400 points each. To know more about our reward systems, please visit this page.

Will there be any trek fee for each hike within the course?

No. There will not be any trek fees for individual sessions. However, if you opt for BASCOOL trasportation, there will be fee for transportation. That fee will depend on the duration and distance travelled.

How much is the trek fee if I bring a friend?

Guest participants are allowed only for B1 session and the trek fee for B1 is 2000 INR.

What is the Cancellation and Refund Policy?

You may drop off anytime before attending any of the individual session in the course. We will refund 95% of the total fee paid without asking any questions. 5% is charged by the payment gateway.
Also, once you attend any session (say B1), you will NOT be eligible for any refund.

Do I need to pay the full fees before enrolling in this course?

Yes. A full payment of the course fee needs to be made before you enroll in this course.

Enrollment Eligibility

How fit do I need to be to attend this course?

This course demands a fair amount of fitness. Participants are expected to trek 5 to 10 kms per day while carrying 12 – 20 KGs in their backpack. Elevation gain could be anywhere between 500 to 3000 ft per day.

Also, if you have any heart conditions, allergies and any other condition that could potentially be a hazard (for yourself), please consult your doctor or physician before you enroll. We also request that you let us know of any condition that you think we need to be aware of.

What is the age limit to enrol in WTC?

  • 10 – 15 years old: Must come with an adult.
  • 15 – 99 years old: Can come on their own.
Enrollment Procedure

When is the next batch starting and how do I register?

We have two batches starting in a year.
Batch 1 – will start in January and the registration for that will open in October.
Batch 2 – will start in August and the registration for that will open in May.
Click here to pay and Register

How do I register?

Follow this link to pay and register.

What comes next, after registration?

Few things happen after you register.

  • Once you register and attend your first theory session (T1) Bangalore Adventure School will provide you an Adventure Passport. Ensure that you get your Adventure Passport stamped after every session.
  • You will be added to our Facebook group for all WBC participants. This is where we publish our individual session, knowledge bits etc. You can also meet other registered participants in this group.
  • You will also be added to our chat groups in both WhatsApp and Facebook.
  • You will also get an email invitation to view the WBC calendar

If you are already a registered student, please send a join request to the following:
FB Group:


Is this course safe for girls?


Can I bring my pet?

Sorry, pets are not allowed.


Do I need to buy any equipment for this course?

For attending a B1 session, you will not have to buy any equipment.
You will need the following items before being eiligible to attend a B2 or B3.

  • A Backpack / rucksack
  • Good boots with ankle support
  • Sleeping bag
  • Trekking attire
  • Hat
  • First Aid kit
  • A survival kit (You may buy from BASCOOL)

BASCOOL will provide tents for all the backpacking trips arranged by us.


What is the location of the course?

  • B1 will be held at Ranch 14 – BASCOOL Campsite.
  • B2 & B3 will be anywhere in South India. Occasionally, we might conduct in North India as well.

Can a non-resident of Bangalore participate in this course?

Yes, but transportation will be the participant’s responsibility.


What if i miss out on a session? Will it affect my course progress?

No. The sessions will be conducted, multiple times. So you can take it at your convenience, but only those who have completed B1 are eligible to attend B2. Similarly B2 is mandatory before taking B3 and so on.

Does the course have some flexibility to chose on when I would be available for treks?

Yes. Refer this section for more information. (Page will be created soon)


Will Bangalore Adventure School provide transportation for the hikes?

Bangalore Adventure School encourages everybody to arrange their own transportation, you may also discuss in the Bangalore Adventure School course page and find carpool options. If you have a vehicle and can take more passengers, please post in the FB event page and help a fellow participant. However, we will be providing very limited transportation for a fee.

Cancellation & Refund

Will I get a refund if I leave the course midway?


What's Next?

Will I get a certificate at the end of this course?


Will there be any opportunities for me after taking this course?

Yes. At the end of this course you will have learnt the skills to plan, execute and safely complete a multi-day hike/trek. in a self sufficient way. After you graduate you will be eligible to take our trek leader course. You will also be invited for exploratory trips with Bangalore Adventure School. You will also have an opportunity to participate with us for an Alpine style Himalayan Trek.

What is Alpine Style? :  Alpine style refers to mountaineering in a self-sufficient manner, thereby carrying all of one’s food, shelter, equipment, etc.

Does this course enable me to possibly conduct some guided tours myself OR maybe as part of BAS?

Yes. Bangalore Adventure School is constantly on a lookout for trained trekking leads, so you will have an opportunity to be a trek lead with us. You will also be eligible to take the Trek Leader course if you wish to further develop your skills to be a professional trek lead/guide.

Have More Questions. Can I talk to someone?

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Facebook group to ask queries : Friends of BASCOOL

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