Wilderness Backpacking Course is the next level course in the trekking stream of courses. It is the next step after the Wilderness Trekking Course (WTC). While the focus of WTC was on one-day treks, in WBC we concentrate on the skills required for multi-day treks . Learn the things from experienced backpackers rather than learning from own mistakes.

Course Objectives

  • Course will teach you the essentials for backpacking.
    • Hiking with a heavy backpack on
    • Planning and carrying your own food for multiple days
    • Staying overnight in the wilderness.
  • Find out what gear you need and why.
  • Know what physical and mental demands are required and how you can build these traits in yourself.
  • Discover how backpacking will benefit you in many areas of life.
  • Learn how best to setup your campsite and ways to keep wildlife away.
  • How to start fire and sustain a fire.
  • This course will also teach how to build (or purchase) a survival kit and various uses for them.
  • And how to find the right trails for your next trips.
  • Organize an outdoor experience with respect to:
    • Trip planning
    • Meal Preparation
    • Camp Selection and set-up
    • Equipment and clothing options
    • Appropriate wilderness behavior
    • Hygiene in the outdoors
    • First aid
    • Leave No Trace principles

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Course Structure – Wilderness Backpacking Course

B1 – The Basics
In this session, you will learn the fundamentals; how to pack your backpack, camping etc.. Participants will learn about different types of tents, pitching their own tents, how to keep themselves warm inside a tent during a cold night. Will also learn how to start and sustain a fire. There wont be any strenous hike in this session; only camping and theory sessions.

B2 – 2 Days & 1 Night Backpacking
Expect five to ten kms of trek / hike on the first and last day. Students will also be camping in the wilderness.

B3 – 3 Days & 2 Nights Backpacking:
This is a strenous 3 days wilderness backpacking trip completely away from civilisation. Expect no developed facilities at all during this trip. There wont be bathrooms available, no food places, water might be scarce, temparature might vary a lot between day and night.

For more queries, please visit our FAQ page (Frequently Asked Questions).

WhatsApp group to ask queries :
BASCOOL WBC Interested

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