Arun Kumar

Preferred / Nick Name : Arun

Role(s) at BASCOOL : Assistant Instructor

Intro : I am a Lawyer. A designated Senior Advocate. Loves adventure, people, humour, food, games and the natural world. As lawyers are, particular about the correctness of method.

Activities : Football, Kalaripayattu, Trekking, Canyoneering, Running, Cycling & Cricket,.

Fun Fact : “It may be on the outside, but there is plenty of grey matter. wink!”

Certifications from BASCOOL

  • Canyoneering Level 1
  • Canyoneering Level 2
  • Canyoneering Level 3
  • Advanced Canyoneering level 1
  • Wilderness Trekking Course
  • Land Navigation Course
  • Fundamentals of Knots
  • First Aid & Basic Life Support
  • Intro to Caving
Practicing Kalari Payattu martial arts

Exploration(s) with BASCOOL

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