Places for Caving in India

Eventhough in India, technical caving is in an infant stage, the peninsula is blessed with many regions that are rich various caves. Infact, one the longest limestone cave (Krem Puri Cave) was recently explored and mapped in Meghalaya a north eastern state of India.

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Caving in North

Caving in Uttarakand

Uttarakand is blessed with good limestone deposit and is also at the foothills of the mighty Himalayas. Because of these killer combination, the area is blessed with a an awesome karst geography. Geographic area that can be classified as karst always promises us with good number caves and canyons. Hence caving in Uttarakand is very promising. However, a sizable number of the easily available caves are now either converted into temples or mining sites. Even then, there are a lot of hard to reach caves hidden in the deep jungles.

Caving in East & North East India

The entire north east of India has the perfect karst geography for both limestone caves and river caves. In fact, the world record of most raining place goes to Mawsynram in Meghalaya.

Caving in Meghalaya

Pravin rappelling into a cave in Meghalaya

Meghalaya has around 1800 caves that are already discovered and mapped. And the estimate is that there is atleast another 1000+ caves which are yet to be explored and mapped.

Caving in Arunachal Pradesh

Caving in West

Caving in South India

Caving in Bangalore / Karnataka

Golora caves – Bangalore

Karnataka is usually a dry place except the Western Ghats area. There are many caves in Sirsi area. Yana caves is a famous touristy cave to visit. If you are a serious caver, you better skip it. There are few caves near syntheri rocks area. Some of them are already explored. However, they don’t get much visits by people.
The caves that you see around Bangalore are usually talus caves. When you talk to folks in Bangalore about caves, they will definitely mention Antaragange cave. But, they are simply walkable talus caves. In 2016, Team BASCOOL discovered Golora caves in Magadi district. Its a small but beautiful talus cave. The batshit cave is also adjacent to Golora caves.

Caving in Kerala

Tiger pit caves – Wayanad, Kerala

Caving in Andhra Pradesh

Mayavi Caves – Caving in Andhra Pradesh

Any caving organised by BASCOOL?

BASCOOL’s Cave Explorations

Gokul & Pravin - caving in Meghalaya, India
Gokul & Pravin – caving in Meghalaya, India

BASCOOL team had done many caving explorations in various parts of India. Around Bangalore, we’ve discovered 2 small caves: Golora Caves and Batshit caves. In Wayanad, we partnered with DTPC, Wayanad to explore a newly discovered cave: Tiget Pit Caves. In Andhra, we re-discovered Mayavi Caves which was originally discovered and mapped by Herbert D. Gebauer in the early eighties.

Please visit this page for a detailed list of BASCOOL’s cave explorations.

How to join BASCOOL’s Caving Team?

At BASCOOL, we believe in learning the skills in a safer place before actually committing yourself to risky places. Hence, the best way to join our group for caving trip is to attend one of the training that we offer.

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Nice Formation on the roof of Mayavi Caves - Caving in India
Nice Formation on the roof of Mayavi Caves

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