Bangalore Adventure School (BASCOOL) offers technical courses on caving. We also arrange multiple caving trips to different parts of the world. Most of the caving trips are open only for graduates of our caving courses. However, some of the caves are beginner friendly and hence, trips to those caves are open to everybody.

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Caving Courses & Trainings offered by BASCOOL

Level 1 Vertical Caving Course (VCC1): In this course we will learn the basics of vertical rope skills; mainly rappelling in various scenarios. Those who have completed Canyoneering Training Level 1 and 2 (CTL 1 & CTL 2) can skip this course and directly attend VCC2.

Level 2 Vertical Caving Course (VCC2): In this course we will learn more skills specific for vertical caving mainly rappelling and ascending, change over from rappelling to ascending, change over from ascending to rappelling.

Level 3 Vertical Caving Course (VCC3): In this course we will learn advanced vertical skills. Negotiating a re-belay is the most critical skill here.

Cave Rating System

Different caves need different skill levels. Some are beginner friendly where as others are extremely technical and will need specific technical skills like rappelling, ascending, scuba diving etc. So, it is important to assign rating to caves so that anybody can make an informed decision about they have the required skills to join that particular caving trip.

RatingDescriptionSkills / Courses Required
C0A Level 0 cave is a simple and easy cave. Anybody can easily travel through the cave. Some crouching and sometimes crawling maybe required. Most of the talus caves .No prior experience required. Anybody can join.
C1A Level 1 cave will definitely need crawling. There will be tight squeezes and possibility of getting stuck. Prior C0 experience preferred but anybody can join.
C2A level 2 cave will have short vertical sections apart from squeezes. Such short vertical sections can be ascended and descended by either chimneying (stemming) or with the help of a handlinePrior C1 experience and VCC1 (Caving Course Level 1)
C3A Level 3 cave will have steep vertical sections which will need rappelling and ascending a rope. Such vertical sections will be single pitch.Prior C2 experience and VCC2 (Vertical Caving Course level 2)
C4A Level 4 cave will have multiple pitches of vertical sections. Prior C3 experience and VCC3 (Vertical Caving Course level 3)
CXLevel X cave means Exploration level cave. It can also mean that its rating is unknown or is not previously documented. After exploration, we might assign one of the above mentioned rating Invite only caves.

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