Praveen Deshmukh - On Summit - 13K ft
On Summit – 13K ft

Preferred / Nick Name : Praveen (aka Kaptaan)

Role(s) at BASCOOL : Trek Lead

Intro : Full time Ghumakad (Traveler & Trekker) and Part Time Technologist. I like trying out different cuisines. Food gives me a high like no other .

Outdoor Activities :  Trekking, Canyoneering

Fun Fact : “I always have a smile to give. Free smiles, anyone?”

Praveen Deshmukh - How I got Diarrhea
How I got Diarrhea

Who Am I?

I was born near the origin of Tapti river in Satpura Valley. I am a soulful adventurer who travels like a nomad, cares like a family and laughs with all my heart. Nature is my heroine and forests are my favourite date venues. Always be assured to find me on a path less travelled.

Certifications from BASCOOL

Other Certifications

  • Basic Mountaineering Course ( JIM )
  • Certified in First Aid by Indian Rescue Academy