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Preferred / Nick Name : Smitha
Full Name: Smitha Jacob
Role(s) at BASCOOL :WTC Advisor
Outdoor Activities :  Trekking, Canyoneering, Solo travelling, 10K & Half Marathon runner
Fun Fact: Selfie addict here =D

Smitha Jacob – Who Am I?

Smitha Jacob Marathon

I am an IT Project Manager by profession. Currently on sabbatical, a crazy mom for an equally crazy 15 yr old and 7 yr old, a craft enthusiast and adventurous at heart. I started with 10K & half marathon running, trekking and canyoning at the age of 39. My first trek was Sarpass Himalayan trek (13,800 ft), followed by Chanderkhani (12,000 ft) and then WTC treks. I completed three levels of Canyoning training.

I love to volunteer for social causes, have been donating blood to Thalassemia affected kids from past 2 years, volunteered to learn Braille to help differently abled and also been part of the govt team for the Polio eradication program.

If not in these activities, I will be busy watching movies, reading books, posting selfies and busy in upgrading my knowledge in any new areas. I read a lot about travels and my bucket list is always getting updated =D. I collect a lot of information about the places I plan to visit and write them in my diary, whenever I come across any. Most of my trips are well planned, though I love to go with the surprises and turns and twists on the way.

Smitha Jacob with kids

December born Sagittarius, I do carry the energetic, joyful and realistic nature of my star sign. Traveling energizes me and trekking and canyoning keeps the adventurous soul in me alive.

I am not fast paced in trekking as I ventured into this a bit late but is trying my best to overcome this as well as my phobia for rocky terrains. 🙂

Certifications from BASCOOL

Other Achievements / Certifications

  • Volunteered for Suicide Prevention India
  • Japanese language Enthusiast
  • Marathon Runner
  • Himalayan Trekker
  • Solo Traveller