Here we list all the staff at BASCOOL. They include instructors, trek leaders, office staff, field staff etc. We might all be performing different roles at BASCOOL but, it is the love for nature and thirst for adventure that is binding us together.

Gokul Ramachandran - Founder & Lead Instructor
Gokul Ramachandran
Name : Gokul Ramachandran
Role(s) : Founder & Lead Instructor
Activities : Canyoneering, Caving, Trekking
Intro : Expert in splashing puddles, wannabe Tarzan, metal lover, part-time engineer, and a failed public speaker. When he is not splashing puddles he helps people realize their adventure dreams through canyoneering, caving, camping, trekking and just enjoying the outdoors…..
Pravin Kumar - Lambda Falls, Nagalapuram, Andhra Pradesh
Pravin Kumar
Name : Pravin Kumar
Role(s) : Explorer & Assistant Instructor
Activities : Karate, Basketball, Athletics, Swimming, Parkour and Gymnastics, Canyoneering, Surfing, Calisthenics and Salsa.
Intro : A nature enthusiast who is always high on adrenaline. Also a fitness enthusiast who is happily addicted to water sports.
Branch/Station: Chennai
Vijay Nandani - Nagalapuram East
Vijay Nandani
Name: Vijay Nandani (VJ)
Role(s): Instructor
Activities: Trekking, Traveling, Caving.
Enroute Mount Nanda Gunti - Ashraya Prakash
Name : Ashraya Prakash
Role(s) : Trek Leader
Activities :  Mountaineering, Canyoneering
Intro :  
Smitha Jacob Profile pic
Smitha Jacob
Name : Smitha Jacob
Role(s) : WTC Advisor
Activities :  Trekking, Canyoneering
Himaja Pallem - Profile Pic
Name : Himaja (Ninja)
Role(s) : Trek Leader
Activities :  Trekking, Canyoneering
Intro :  
white water rafting
Name : Vineel Kanth
Role(s) : Trek Leader
Activities :  Mountaineering, Trekking
Intro :  
Sumit Pareek - Instructor Profile
Sumit Pareek
Name : Sumit Pareek
Role(s) : Explorer & Assistant Instructor
Activities : Canyoneering, Trekking
Intro : Technology freak, thrill seeker, wannabe entrepreneur who wants to make a difference. Just fell in love with rocks, ropes and metal. He loves canyoneering, trekking, photography, traveling…
Praveen Deshmukh - On Summit - 13K ft
Praveen Deshmukh
Name : Praveen Deshmukh (Kaptaan)
Role(s) : Trek Lead
Activities : Trekking, Canyoneering.
Intro : Full time Ghumakad (Traveler & Trekker) and Part Time Technologist. I like trying out different cuisines. Food gives me a high like no other
Kausalya Trainer - Public Speaking
Kausalya Trainer
Name: Kausalya Devi (aka KD)
Role(s): Instructor (Team Building & Outbound Trainings )
Activities: Trekking, Traveling, Caving.