Gokul Ramachandran - Founder & Lead Instructor

Gokul Ramachandran

Name : Gokul Ramachandran
Role(s) : Founder & Lead Instructor
Activities : Canyoneering, Caving, Trekking
Intro : Expert in splashing puddles, wannabe Tarzan, metal lover, crack addict, part-time engineer, and a failed public speaker. When he is not splashing puddles he helps people realize their adventure dreams through canyoneering, caving, camping, trekking and just enjoying the outdoors…..


Sumit Pareek - Instructor Profile

Sumit Pareek

Name : Sumit Pareek
Role(s) : Explorer & Assistant Instructor
Activities : Canyoneering, Trekking
Intro : Technology freak, thrill seeker, wannabe entrepreneur who wants to make a difference. Just fell in love with rocks, ropes and metal. He loves canyoneering, trekking, photography, traveling…



Pravin Kumar - Lambda Falls, Nagalapuram, Andhra Pradesh

Pravin Kumar

Name : Pravin Kumar
Role(s) : Explorer & Assistant Instructor
Activities : Karate, Basketball, Athletics, Swimming, Parkour and Gymnastics, Canyoneering, Surfing, Calisthenics and Salsa.
Intro : A nature enthusiast who is always high on adrenaline. Also a fitness enthusiast who is happily addicted to water sports.
Branch/Station: Chennai