Tiger Pit Caves – Wayanad – Caving

 Tiger Pit Caves was a cave exploration project in Wayanad in collaboration with DTPC (District Tourism Promotion Council, Wayanad, Kerala). A few weeks ago, through Jayan Wayanad, we came in contact with Hariharan Sir (Program Manager at DTPC, Wayanad). He had mentioned about a recently discovered cave in Wayanad.

Entrance of Tiger Pit Caves, Wayanad, Kerala
Entrance of Tiger Pit Caves, Wayanad, Kerala

They would like to explore it and study the feasibility of promoting that as an Adventure Tourism Project. They wanted an expert caving group to lead their set of explorers. Hence, they had requested Bangalore Adventure School to provide the equipment and the required leadership. Thus we agreed upon to reach Wayanad for the weekend of Jan 14-15 and to do the exploration.

At the tight squeeze inside tiger pit caves
At the tight squeeze inside tiger pit caves

Hariharan Sir from DTPC, Muneer Sir from Treasury department, Luka Francis, Thomachan and few others who also live in that vicinity joined us for the exploration. Luka and Thomachan had been to this cave previously and surprised us by their knowledge of this cave. The cave starts by 100 feet downclimb followed by another 100 feet rappel over a slanted rock slab.

At the bottom of the rappel, there was like 1-foot deep water and a sandy floor under water. From here on we need to traverse about 350 ft to the right. This traverse is in the tight squeeze between two rock surfaces. This gap was at an angle of 60 degrees.

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So, we had to lay our back on the lower rock face and slowly crawl to your right side. At the end of this traverse, the path was blocked by sand and debris after the rains this year. So, Luka and few others dug to remove that dirt and make the way again. From here on, we had to stem and climb about 30 feet to reach a boulder stacking. And through this boulder stacking, we found our way out.

Sparkling water droplets inside the cave
Sparkling water droplets inside the cave

This pit is locally known as “Kaduva Kuzhi” which translates to “Tiger Pit caves”. The tribal family living near to the pit told us that they moved into that area 45 years ago and at that time, there used to be a “Puli and her cubs” living in that pit. (Puli means either a Tiger or a Panther). Thanks to Hariharan Sir for making this happen. Thanks to Luckose and Thomachan to leading us through the cave. Thanks to Jayan Wayanad for making this happen. Thanks to Pragya Singh and Lokesh Kumar of Bangalore Adventure School for joining us for this exploration.

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