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2018-12-12 Germany Lena Fell Canyoning in Wayanad, Kerala

If you are looking for canyoning and outdoor adventure anywhere in India - Gokul ist the right person to talk to. We spend 5days together, hiking through the jungle, repelling waterfalls and exploring new canyons.
Gokul is not only an expert with the techniques and the material (educated in the US and fulfillling all security issues you might have)-he also has a team with local knowledge.
We enjoyed the adventure very much and I hope that there is a chance to do some outdoor activities soon again.

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2014-09-13 Kelly Sanderson Canyoneering Training

I took Gokul's intro to rappelling course this morning, and had a terrific time! Well thought-out course, great location, and lots of emphasis on safety. I really appreciated him taking the time to teach a newbie. Thanks!

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2018-12-09 Germany Ikarus Canyoning in Wayanad, Kerala

We went with Gokul and a part of his team on an awesome exploration and canyoning trip in Wayanad and Kannur. Although we only had very little previous experience he made sure that we were and felt safe at all times. His decade of training and experience from the US as well as the high-end equipment he was using gave us the peace of mind we needed to enjoy the trip as much as we did. Furthermore he is a great host and is eager to present his country in an open and honest way. We are happy to have made new friends and got to know a safe adventurous sport. We will be back for more 🙂
Thank you Gokul!

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2015-04-05 San Jose, California Brenda Canyoneering Training

Gokul is a great teacher. I learned so much. I am really glad I attended the training. Everyone was awesome and so supportive. Thanks Ilana for the inspiration and extra support 😉

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2014-09-13 Karen Intro to Canyoneering

Fantastic day! Gokul is a fabulous teacher, great group of people - all around awesome!