What is Perseid Meteor Shower?

Perseid meteor shower is a stunning display of bright meteors that are seen when the Earth passes through a stream of dust and debris left from Comet Swift-Tuttle. It is just like driving in the summertime. You are hurtling down the highway with the windows down when suddenly — SPLAT! A bug hits your windshield. Then another one. And then another.

NB:- This article is about the meteor shower that happens in August. For the Meteor shower that is happening in April 2022, please click this link: Lyrids Meteor Shower – 2023

That is exactly how a meteor shower works. Earth is driving through the solar system, and it encounters a swarm of debris. The atmosphere vaporizes the shooting star like your windshield that smashes an unlucky insect. Perseid is famed for its fireballs: meteors that appear as bright as planets such as Venus or Jupiter, some of which explode. Get ready for a night full of bright surprises!

When to see them?

NB:- In 2021, the meteor showers wont be that visible because, the dates are coinciding with full moon night. The moon will be shining bright at around 90% the whole night, which will mask the visibility of the meteors. Hence, we are NOT arranging a camping trip this year.

Earth will pass through the path of Comet Swift-Tuttle from July 17 to Aug. 24, with the shower’s peak occurs on Aug. 12. That means you’ll see the most meteors in the shortest amount of time on that day, but we can still catch some action before or after that point.

Perseid Meteor Shower - Camping and Watching
Perseid Meteor Shower – Camping and Watching

Mark your calendars for the weekend of August 10-12, 2018 and witness the Perseid meteor shower . What makes it more special this year? It’s a new moon night; that means the sky will be completely dark which makes it ideal to view the meteor shower.

Be prepared to see about 80-100 meteors an hour. Can you imagine how stunning would that be? The sky will light up in all its glory and you don’t want to miss it for anything or anyone!

Any plans by Bangalore Adventure School?

This phenomenon will be visible from anywhere in the world; you just need to know the ideal conditions to watch.
And yes, we are going camping and you are invited to join us. But, location will be revealed only to registered participants.

Registration / Payment link to : Register – Quadrantids Meteor Shower Camping – January 2022

Facebook Event : Meteor Shower Camping Event – 2022

If you want to know more details about our plan / how to join etc.,
Please join this WhatsApp group : BASCOOL Meteor Shower Camp Planning 2022

Click here for a list of Upcoming Events

Where and how to see Meteor Shower from other places in India?

The south western states might get covered under the monsoon clouds. So, those who are in either Kerala or Coastal Karnataka will be really unlucky if the camping place they’ve chose get rain. The best bet will be somewhere in Northern Karnataka like Hampi or Telangana or Andhra Pradesh. Camping at Gandikota will be a very good option.

Which other Meteor shower can be observed from India?

There are quite a few meteors visible from India. The prominent ones are

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