Hi All,

Who am I?

I am Gokul Ramachandran and I recently returned to India after living 10 years in the USA. I’ve been hooked on to a sport called canyoneering. I’ve been teaching canyoneering in the USA as well. I am a canyoneering “evangelist”; I want to spread canyoneering as a sport in India. I’ve will be giving training in Bangalore as well.
Rappelling in Canyon of the Dammed
Rappelling in Canyon of the Dammed
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 What is Canyoneering?

Canyoneering is an adventure sport that combines hiking, wading, swimming, jumping, sliding, boulder-hopping, scrambling, down-climbing, sometimes pack rafting and always rappelling — often over waterfalls! Physically, it takes significantly less upper body strength than rock climbing and is, therefore, a sport that can be enjoyed by a much larger spectrum of the population .. young or mature .. tall or short .. large or small. If you can hike, you can canyoneers!
Subway Canyon - Gokul Lying in pool - Bangalore Adventure School
Subway Canyon – Gokul Lying in pool
Canyoneering is an emerging adventure sport that has grown significantly in popularity over the past decade. This sport has unique risks and requires a very specific set of technical skills to enjoy it safely. Rock climbing, caving, mountaineering, and swift water training teach related skills for your ‘toolbox’, but Canyoneering has become highly specialized, and much of the gear and many of the techniques of Canyoneering are distinctly different from those of the other sports …and, that’s where we come in!
Another video by Jason Milligan G.O. Get Outside – Canyoneering from Butcher Bird Studios

Instructor Credentials

  1. Technical Canyoneering Course, Uber Adventures, Los Angeles, California
  2. Canyoneering course, American Canyoneer’s Association, Utah
  3. Advanced Technical Canyoneering Course, Uber Adventures, Los Angeles, California
  4. Canyon Rescue Course, American Canyoneer’s Association, Utah
  5. River Rescue Course, Sierra Rescue, Truckee, California

Instructor Experience

  1. Started the adventure group “USC Adventure Gurus” in Los Angeles in the year 2010 and successfully ran it till 2014. In 2014, drafted a constitution for the group and handed the reign over to the board of directors.
  2. Started “Bay Area Canyoneers” group in San Francisco, California in 2014. Successfully trained many canyoners in Bay Area (Silicon Valley), California.
  3. Started “Bangalore Adventure School” in 2016