Canyoning Gear Recommendation

If you’re intrigued by canyoneering (Canyoning), and are ready to get into the sport you’ll want to start thinking about the gear that you need. The gear recommended here are for the Indian market.
Irrespective of the sport, any gear should serve one or more of the following purposes :

  • Safety
  • Technical ( Mechanical ) Advantage
  • Comfort

Since rock climbing is a more popular sport than canyoneering (Canyoning), people are more familiar with the climbing terms and gear and often try to think from a climber’s perspective. So, sometimes it makes sense to explain it in comparison with rock climbing. So, by comparing rock climbing or any other sport with canyoneering, I am in no way meaning that one sport is better than other.

Unlike other sports, Canyoneering (Canyoning) is a multi-faceted outdoor sport. It includes hiking, rock climbing, route finding, rappelling, swimming, wading, jumping etc. Because of this nature, canyoneering demands a lot of gear for each purpose. Also, in canyoneering, we keep travelling from one rap station to other hauling all our gear. So, that means, reducing the weight of the gear without compromising on safety is another expected factor in canyoneering.

Helmet :
A good rock climbing helmet is a must. The main purposes it should serve are safety and comfort.
The best helmets I’ve seen or used are that of Petzl and Black Diamond but, they cost anywhere between ₹5,000 – ₹13,000.

Petzl and Black Diamond Helmet Images

Both Petzl and BD makes a wide range of helmets. Even though they are most preferred helmets for outdoor activities, since these companies are based in Europe and USA, their brand cost may not be affordable. Also, you will have to either import it or if any of your friend is coming to India from Europe or USA, have them buy and bring it for you.

Gipfel Helmet

Gipfel Helmet

The recommended helmet for the Indian scenario is Gipfel’s Alpine Helmet . It’s regular cost is ₹ 3,200 but, Gipfel offers a generous discount for students of Bangalore Adventure School (BASCOOL). For graduates of BASCOOL, the price will be ₹2,700 which inclusive of all taxes. Also, if you can collect it from the school, you save on shipping & handling fee.

Simond Helmet

Simond Helmet

If your adventure is running on a thin budget, Decathlon offers a cheaper option – Simond Climbing Helmet . It costs ₹1,500 + tax.

Petzl Helmet in Amazon
Black Diamond Helmet in Amazon
Gipfel Helmet in their website
Simond Helmet from Decathlon

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