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New Year camping celebration or party options in Bangalore for 2022

What are some of the New Year celebration options in Bangalore for 2022? What are the options for singles? What are the romantic celebratory options for couples? and what are some of the relaxed new year options for families? These are some of the questions  that arise as we approach New Year’s Eve. Irrespective of the questions, these are the usual options in and around Bangalore

New Year Eve celebration or party options for Singles

  • Singles meet
  • Movie nights at friends’
  • Barbeque party
  • Dance party at Discotheques/Pubs
  • Dinner and drinks at restaurants
  • Karaoke bars
  • Game nights
  • Dive bar

New Year Eve celebration or party options for Couples

  • Movie date with the better half
  • Dinner date with the better half
  • Couples night out
  • Couples dance party
  • Couples meet up
  • Gourmet meal

New Year celebration with family

  • Get together with friends and family
  • New year party at a resort
  • Potluck
  • Road trip
  • Dinner at a swanky restaurant

New Year eve options for the adventurous folks

  • Pitch a tent in the wilderness and enjoy the solitude
  • Road trip to a forest with friends
  • Rock climbing a strenuous route
  • Hike with friends
  • Camping with friends

Now that you have all the options, what if you club a couple of these and have the best of all worlds? A road trip with camping, fun, friends, food, and music all thrown in would make it a memorable new years eve. You might think this would burn a hole in your pockets. But contrary to that this would cost a half of what you might pay to eat a gourmet meal. Give it a thought, if you go on a road trip to someplace in the wilderness with a group of people, you will end up splitting all the costs including transportation, food, fuel, vehicle rent, stay etc . Camping in the wilderness can be an economical option that guarantees a ton of fun! You just have to pay for the gear rental, carry your own food, or maybe buy some grocery to cook in the open if you are kinds who loves to cook. Sounds interesting give it a try.

Popular camping spots around Bangalore.

In South India there are no camping spots where you may camp for free, so the only options are camping in private spaces. Some of the places that you may try to find camping spots are as below.

  • Camping in Ramanagara
  • Camping in Kanakapura
  • Camping in Nandi Hills
  • Camping in Doddaballapura
  • Camping in Kolar

Benefits of Camping. Let me list them out for you!

  • Affordable (Easy on the pocket)
  • Social Media or Digital detox
  • Fresh air
  • Peace and solitude
  • Company of like minded fun people
  • Socialization
  • Exercise
  • Sunshine
  • Good Night’s Sleep
  • Less Stress
  • Healthy Food
  • Decreases Depression and Anxiety
  • Opportunity to face new challenges

Any New Year Eve Plans by Bangalore Adventure School

Primitive/Backcountry camping at Ranch 14. A night of fun, food, friends, nature, and adventure.  

If you think New Year’s Eve in Bangalore is synonymous with the Silicon Valley crowd gulping down whiskey at some swanky hotel, skyrocketing Ola – Uber fares, a dwindling bank balance and an especially sharp stiletto crunching down on your toes, then you are definitely in for a surprise.

Are you willing to leave the city lights, the noise, pollution, and crowds for a never before like experience in the outdoors? This is your chance. Bangalore Adventure School (BASCOOL) is offering a New Year Camping event on New Years eve. 

How to Register

Contact Us

Link to register : New Years Eve Camping near Bangalore for 2022
WhatsApp group :

Who can participate?

Everyone! Not kidding. No age limit whatsoever. As long as you think you can, they will take you along!

Where is the venue?

A 14 acre ranch surrounded by mountains, lake and caves! 50 kilometers from Bangalore.

How to get there? Transportation

  1. You may come in your own vehicle.
  2. BASCOOL will provide pickup and drop facility from Yelachanahalli Metro Station for an extra fee of 300. You will need to reach the metro station at aroun 4 PM on the 31st and will drop you back to the station on Jan 1st at around 11:30 AM.

What’s special about this event?

Women friendly! We believe safety is the number one priority and women’s safety is on top of the list. So if you are short of company this new year, or if you would like to give the booze party a miss, if you are worried about transportation after the party ends. Worry not! They have it sorted. What’s more you ask? They offer a buddy discount.

How to Register

Please click this link to register online.


  1. INR 2,999 for guys coming alone
  2. INR 2,699 for women coming alone
  3. INR 4,999 for a female bringing a buddy. (2 can enter per ticket. Price per head = 2500. Your friend can be a guy or a gal)
  4. INR 5,599 for a male bringing a buddy. (2 can enter per ticket. Price per head = 2800. Your friend can be a guy or a gal)
  5. INR 6,599 – Family pack (2 adults and 1 kid less than 9 yo )
  6. INR 6,999 – Family pack (2 adults and 2 kids less than 9 yo )

Tip to save

  1. Bring a buddy
  2. Ask your female friend to take you with her

What’s Included?

  • Camping (Tents, Sleeping bags etc will be provided)
  • Dinner,snacks etc.
  • Breakfast
  • Music and Masti
  • Early morning hike to a hill
  • Bonfire, camping games etc.
  • Pickup and drop from nearest metro station (extra fees)

Alcohol Policy

BASCOOL’s general Alcohol and Drug use policy can be found in this page.
However for this event, the alcohol policy is as mentioned below.

  1. BASCOOL will NOT provide any alcohol during this event
  2. Participants may BYOB (bring your own booze) for responsible consumption.
  3. BASCOOL reserves all rights to reject entry or send back participants who are found to be a disturbance to other participants.
  4. People under influence will NOT be allowed to participate in the hike in the morning.
  5. Smoking will be allowed only in designated spots.
  6. Some area will be marked as “family area”; alcohol and smoking will NOT be allowed in those area. They are for family and underage participants.

 Okay now, it’s high time you book your slots before they are all gone. Too good to be true…..I know you get that feeling but I am definitely giving it a shot ☺

You are welcome!

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