Vijay Nandani - Nagalapuram East
Gadherni Nala Canyon – Manali

Preferred / Nick Name : VJ  (VeeJay)

Role(s) at BASCOOL : Explorer & Assistant Instructor

Intro : I love taking off – on a run, on my cycle, or on a trip or trek – just my backpack and I, whenever I get the chance. When I’m not trying to stay physically active, I’m probably plugged into my earphones, listening to the latest releases, drawing and sketching, or cooking. I have also learnt basic Japanese, am a Japan Habba organising member, and have visited the country twice. And when all else fails, I sleep – because, really, is there anything better?

Activities : Running, Surfing, Canyoneering, Cycling, Trekking.

Fun Fact : “Friends love my playlists during trips and treks!”

Who Am I?

Six years ago, I realised that there needed to be more to my life than work. A solo trip to Puducherry in 2015 became the catalyst that scratched that itch – and I was hooked. Since then I have gone solo trekking in Mullayangiri and Kudremukh (among others) and done bouldering in Hampi to stay connected with the great outdoors. I also take off on long cycle rides to explore the city, and sometimes, I do it just for ice cream. In 2016, I decided that I wanted to do something new for each birthday. That’s how, in August that year, I found myself on a beach in Mangaluru, treading some surfing waves. Ever since, I have expanded my interest in solo travel, trekking and adventure sports into a passion.

Vijay Nandani - Rappelling down Kanthanpara falls, Wayanad, Kerala
Vijay Nandani – Rappelling down Kanthanpara falls, Wayanad, Kerala

Last year I quit my job as an engineer with an automobile company, to be able to get out there and do everything I dreamed off. With Bangalore Adventure School (BAScool), I have done cave explorations in Kerala, canyon explorations and waterfall rappelling in the North East and Jammu & Kashmir, and gone surfing in Chennai, Vizag, Mangaluru and Goa. Along the way, I have been an instructor too, taking groups of intrepid explorers to Kerala for trekking and helped train groups in canyonyeering in Meghalaya.

I don’t like things that come easy. Adventure sports and activities test my limits and offer me challenges I won’t get otherwise. They help me overcome my fears and give me something to feel proud of every day, while giving me the energy to do something more, again and again. Plus, there’s a unique sense of discovery in seeing and experiencing things few others ever will. Take a waterfall – you’ve probably looked down at one or looked up at one, but have you ever been in the middle of one? I have, when I went canyoneering. There’s nothing quite like that feeling of wonder, and that’s what keeps me going.

Vijay Nandani - At Tawang - Motorcycle Solo trip
At Tawang – Motorcycle Solo trip
Vijay Nandani - Diving at Rainbow Falls, Meghalaya
Vijay Nandani – Diving at Rainbow Falls, Meghalaya

Certifications from BASCOOL

Exploration(s) with BASCOOL

  • Canyon Explorations in
    • Manali
    • Meghalaya
    • Wayanad
  • Cave Exploration – Kerala Tiger Pit Caves in Kerala



  • Trained in Cross Country Running
  • Proficient in Japanese Language – Level N4


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