“Survival Island – Kerala” is a private beach property situated in the western coast of North Kerala. The first thing you’d notice as you near the property is how pristine and untouched this beach is. It is rare that you would find such a place that is accessible yet so remote that you will enjoy the calm and solitude here. We got here after a 20 minute boat ride from the mainland. 

The only approach to “Survival Island – Kerala” is via boat!

Truly wild camping in Survival Island!
Totally isolated in such a way that you wont see any other soul except the ones in your group. How does that sound for the Valentines Weekend? Feb 14 – 17.
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The entrance to this property is marked by sand as soft as your grandma’s hands. In an instant you are transported to a world filled with nostalgia and childish wonder. An old four walled structure made with orange hued bricks welcomes you into this island. If you and your loved ones want to spend a day relaxing and sipping some fresh coconut water this is where you need to be. The air feels fresh and the vast expanse of the sea meeting the land is a perfect setting for all amazing things to unfold. 

2 year old playing on heaps of sea shells

A short walk from this walled structure is the beach which is by far one of the cleanest that we have been to in India. If a good dose of wilderness, sun, sand and the sea is your idea of a great vacation then this is the place to be. Like they say if you want to experience true connect then you gotta disconnect from chaos and this place provides all this and more for a genuine traveler. 


A sunset view from Survival Island – Kerala

If fishing for leisure under the gorgeous carpet of the purple hued sky is your idea of bliss then what are you waiting for? Head out to this beautiful island with your loved ones and give them an experience like no other. 

Learn the true meaning of survival in the wilderness in the lap of nature at your own pace.   



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