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Lokeshr Loki Avatar Lokeshr Loki

Had an amazing experience and learning of Canyon training with instructor Gokul. He is such a knowledgable and cool trainer. Waiting for more adventure trainings with Gokul & BAS.Thank you !!

Komala Kg Avatar Komala Kg

Gokul is a good trainer ,so far good experience with BASchool!

Julian Antony Raj Avatar Julian Antony Raj

Late Update :: An awesome experience with Mr. Golul under Bangalore Adventure School. My Canyoneering training - Level 1 has been an amazing Learning Experience. As a trek lover, was referred by a mutual Friend to learn the safety & systematic approach to outdoors adventure and specially the beauty of Canyoneering from Bangalore Adventure School. And as expected Mr. Gokul beautifully introduced us to introduction & history of Canyoneering, the gears, the Ethics. I would strongly recommend this course to all my friends and enthusiasts who want to explore outdoors sport specially rappelling as he made it looks so simple & interesting. Thanks a ton to Raj for introducing me to Bangalore Adventure School & Gokul to a wonderful training. Looking forward to next Level & other activities

Atmesh Dev Avatar Atmesh Dev

Thrilling experience. are awesome. ..brilliant instructor Gokal ..made things so easy felt like a child's play...all of us accumulated loads of confidence from the first rapple itself and now eagerly looking forward for next level....and be a part of canyoneering community 🙂

Bhargavi Rao Avatar Bhargavi Rao

Thanks Gokul(Super cool person) and Team (Bangalore Adventure School) for the wonderful training. Really i got the basics about canyoneering‬ very well. Such a wonderful experience with you people in training. Expecting soon we will go together to canyon and explore more 🙂

Keerthi Avatar Keerthi

It was a great experience learning canyoneering with brilliant instructor Gokul . His attention to details, teaching style and professionalism with nice sense of humor boosted me with confidence and he made everyone feel it easy. I would strongly recommend this course to all my friends and enthusiasts who want to explore this amazing sport. I thank Gokul and the association for organizing this course. Looking forward for the next level.

Jitendra Gandrakota Avatar Jitendra Gandrakota

If u want to know some more things about adventures thn join BAS, they will tell you all things abt activity with technical aspect. I enjoyed and learnt many things in level 1 training. Thanx Gokul..... I recommend this training school.....

Saurabh Jain Avatar Saurabh Jain

I didn't know that canyoneering is something which anyone can do until I did this course. Had a wonderful time with Gokul and rest of the team. My confidence level improved drastically after this course. I am really happy that I joined Bangalore Adventure School.

Jamshida Em Avatar Jamshida Em

Hi People , Some of the best curated courses out there , it makes you more interested in this sport. I really want to say the instructor Mr. Gokul is one of the best teacher, he loves teaching these skills , he has a lot of patience. A genuine shoutout to people who want to start with adventurous activities.

Tejas Karnik Avatar Tejas Karnik

Awesome experience.... Learned a lot about new adventure sport... I have been with many adventure club but BAS is one of best and truly not commercialized.... Well done Gokul... love to see you again for some other activity......

Praveen Deshmukh Avatar Praveen Deshmukh

When I stood on top of the rock for the Canyoneering- Level 1 course, I was doubtful on whether I will faint, but 😁. So one lesson learnt is it’s not the heights or the toughness that matters - it’s all our mind’s game with a cool instructor by your side.It’s an amazing feeling - at one moment you feel suffocated as you are breathing faster due to fear and the next moment you breathe fast as you are happy 😁. Anyone can do this with ease so don’t think that it’s not your cup of tea, do try it out with Bangalore Adventure School. Gokul is an amazing instructor, not even once we felt like it’s a training, he made it feel like a playful activity and patiently answered our silly queries , helped us in need and of course made us feel secure. Thanks a lot Gokul. Our entire group too was a fun lot and it really helped a lot in bonding.Thanks once again and waiting for the Level 2 now 🙂

Smitha Jacob Avatar Smitha Jacob

positive review  It makes me face the worst fears.. and come out strong .. Gokul is a superb instructor .. he gives lot of courage

Ranjana Chellam Avatar Ranjana Chellam

This is an awesome experience of canyoneering adventure. I felt nervous whether to join this trip or not... but after training I felt relax. Thank you Gokul- the way of teaching is really amazing. One of my best experience. I would love to join more training in future. 🙂

Neetu Prasad Avatar Neetu Prasad

Canyoneering Level 1 Training was my first activity with BAS and I am 100% confident that it won't be the last either! Gokul, our instructor gave lots of theory, plenty of practice and loads of memories to cherish until the next time I do this or something else. Bangalore Adventure School holds periodic activities for varying skill levels (some on weekdays too, if that's what you want). I suggest you take the plunge and try them out. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

Viki Pattanaik Avatar Viki Pattanaik

I completed my Rappelling Level 1 and Level 2 course. Our instructor @Gokul Ramchandran was very much interactive and explained each and every aspect of Rappelling from Novice to Ninja, cleared the concepts and rappelled nearly 10-12 times. Which is a good going for new comers for this sport. Looking forward to join other activities with group. I would recommend you guys to try out this sport you will enjoy for what you opted.

Channaveer Hakari Avatar Channaveer Hakari

Awesome instructor, and a fun guy to learn from. Loved his teaching style, and professionalism! Would surely be back for more training in the future, and hopefully be among the first few to complete all the different levels of canyoneering training under him. Would certainly recommend to anyone reading the review..

Raj Das Gupta Avatar Raj Das Gupta

Completed level 1 rappelling. These are some of the valuable learnings which I believe needs to be given during our school days. It's not late and am too happy that I did it and looking forward for the levels and also other activities. Learning also doesn't stop anywhere. Good job Mr Gokul

Shravan Bhat K Avatar Shravan Bhat K

Attended Canyoneering Level 1 course, Looking forward for next levels.

Santosha Varamballi Avatar Santosha Varamballi

People out there! If you love outdoor adventures and want to learn some of the basic technical skills ( Climbing / Canyoneering or just want to the enjoy the outdoor activity), and looking for a place to start with it? Just start from here! Gokul is an amazing and experienced instructor. He gives so much of individual attention - guiding / teaching /sharing experiences / ethics / more - throughout the workshop. The most amazing part of him is that, listening to each one of them with atmost patience. I would definitely be attending further Workshops! Thank You! Bangalore Adventure School! Let it grow more!

Sharath Subramanya Avatar Sharath Subramanya

Being a non adventure 56 year old with not having even hiked or trekked ever, I was little apprehensive as to what lay in store but I must say what an awesome training program at the beginner level. Extremely exhaustive going to finer details. Steps by step Gokul took us through the theory, practice and finally doing the rappelling. By the evening we had our Egos up as if we were already professionals. I think this speaks about the efficacy of the way the program was conducte. Well done Gokul. keep up the good works. Looking forward to the 2nd level program. Bring it on already!!!

Sunil Arora Avatar Sunil Arora

Really great experience.. Myself a Geographer by academic and profession, Working in the Forest Survey of India. I used to go for outdoor activities from past few years and used to travel a lot part of my profession. After I moved to Bangalore a year ago I started hunting in the web for likeminded people and groups in Bangalore. I got connected with few groups and done some treks and rides..... I got to know about 'Bangalore Adventure School' and 'Indian Canyoneers Association' from FB and attended The level one Canyoneering Course. It was really an amazing experience, learning such a unique sport in such disciplined and systematic way of approach. The style of teaching is very nice with perfectly designed syllabus by a friendly instructor with fine skill set. It was the first time I was into the rope related activities and I was fully satisfied with what I could learn and practice in a single day. Happy to say that I was one of the first generation graduate from BAS. I was in the very third batch of level one canyoneering course by BAS.... The graduates are invited for exploration events of ICA like Canyoneering, caving etc... The events are truly not commercialised, few people of ICA would plan the event and the total cost of the event would be shared by the participants after the event. I felt so comfortable with the way things works in ICA. I have done some explorations with ICA and have registered for few upcoming ones and looking forward for more things... Regstered for the next 'Canyoneering level II Rappel Master course and planning to get own rappel gear since I have found a domain of unique type of adventures outdoor activity and people..... IF ANYBODY WANTS TO DO OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES IN A SYSTAMATIC AND PROPER WAY WITH A GROUP OF PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT TOUR OPERATORS .. THIS IS THE RIGHT PLACE.....

Sinu Ks Avatar Sinu Ks

I was one among the happiest soul who did the Canyoneering from BAS. Gokul explains each and every term with all the basics on rappeling along with tools and techniques.. people who are afraid of heights can fight there fear by doing this.. i would like to more rappeling with BAS.. would highly recommend to do Rappeling ..and Rappel ONNNN...

Apoorva KB Avatar Apoorva KB

BASCOOL are a team of super adventure junkies, and it was a kickass experience going with them for Scuba diving in Netrani Islands. If you are looking for some real adventure, this is the place to be in. The team is young, motivated and most of all hands on. Their choice is superb when it comes to picking places for adventure. If you are a real adventure junkie at heart and wants to do it for the love of adventure, you must go with BASCOOL. This is not a place for the ones who just want cool pictures for Social Media. 😛 I have met Raj of their team, and he is a super cool guy with a high level of energy. I am excited to meet the rest of their team.

Kunaal Nike Avatar Kunaal Nike

Great group! Very knowledgeable instructors. Definitely worth the money. They publicise their events way in advance that way, I am able to plan my weekends well in advance. That also means, their events get filled up fast and it is hard to get tickets.

Gokul Ramachandran Avatar Gokul Ramachandran

The best adventure school I have come across. Gokul is a professional trainer with an eye for minute details. I have learned many things about Canyoneering and it's technical aspects along with ethics which you don't see many groups following. If you are an adventure junkie, You will surely will have one the best times with the group

Kulapradip Bharali Avatar Kulapradip Bharali

Amazing Experience..Awesome instructor#Great Weekend#

Anjali Nar Avatar Anjali Nar

I attended the level 1 canyoneering workshop and a trek with the group and it was really good, the instructor, Gokul is a professional and know's his stuff. It's always fun being outdoors with these guys.

Armaan Bhullar Avatar Armaan Bhullar

It was a thrilling & learning experience, looking forward to the next levels of this with Gokul... 🙂

Sajeev Sj Avatar Sajeev Sj

Yay !!! I did it... Wonderful experience. Gokul you are an amazing instructor... N very informative... Looking forward to do next level and more off hiking trip too.... And had a fantastic group.. Thank you again.

Ramya Rao Avatar Ramya Rao

It was an amazing experience, came across a new sport i was unaware of. The best part was that the minute specifications were taught and practiced so well that we got overloaded with confidence 😉 All in all a good learning exercise, looking forward to the next levels of this with Gokul . Thanks a lot again for organizing this 🙂

Pragya Singh Avatar Pragya Singh

positive review  The coolest adventure school where you will learn real technical aspects of exploration. I have not come across any better group than this

Kulapradip Bharali Avatar Kulapradip Bharali

Another great adventures experience with BASCOOL..this time it was Discovering Scuba Diving at Nitrani was the best experience of my life till date.. exploring the life beneath the the very energetic and cool company of fellow BASCOOL guys. Really enjoyed it very much.. Looking forward for my certification course now

Jatin Dhaania Avatar Jatin Dhaania

It was really a wonderful beginning of canyoeering level1. The instructor Gokul explained the theory part very well ( it was about 2 hrs session ) & should appriciate for his time sense, knowledge, confidence, & patience.He taught about the tools, equipments, commands & instructions to follow while rappelling step by step. Initially I was bit nervous but the moment I started rappelling I came out of the fear & did it with confidence with the instructions given by him. Thanks to Mr Gokul for his interest to conduct such a wonderful adventure activity in India. Worth to get trained for next levels.

Vijaya Lakshmi Avatar Vijaya Lakshmi

Being a travel photographer and a travel freak ... Was looking out for something which could take my passion to the next level ... and here I was at BAS ... What else could I ask for ... Gokul has all the expertise to make you a professional canyoneer ... Committed dedicated patience are some of his traits ... Apart from being ace in his canyoneering skills ... Glad I made it ... It's just the beginning with BAS ... Looking forward for many such learnings and adventures ... Rappel On ...

Deepa Ranjith Kumar Avatar Deepa Ranjith Kumar

Had a wonderful experience! Thanks to Gokul for introducing us to a new line of adventure sport - canyoneering. Am looking forward to the next trip!

Ankur Naik Avatar Ankur Naik

It's worth n I loved the way of there training��

Shivraj Gowda Avatar Shivraj Gowda

It was a good experience attending Level 1 canyoneering training . Got more than wat I expected , it's worth our time and money. I would recommend others as well to join this..

Tejas Kaurava Avatar Tejas Kaurava

Hey everyone!� All of us would have started travelling from kindergarden days during holidays with a part of adventure unknowingly.. I myself,realised the real adventure from college days by rolling on two wheels for miles..which were the days where helmet were not mandate and without any safety gears. Later was looking for few more adventures and one day was surprised to see the canyoneering training in bangalore from the social media events and my text to gokul was,"I endedup with a right guy". Met him on a day hike with few more new interesting souls who share the same passion,took the level 1 session which he fed us with the basics on exploring canyons..At most,i would appreciate the way he reach to each student at the training platform for all thier needs. Gokul always make sure multiple times the array of task and more concerned about safety. As a whole his training space will be more of fun,talks,travel stories and oppurtunity to meet travellers and sure he will cherish everyone with more adventure. I recommend this school for any group of people if u have a approach as"LIFE IS ADVENTURE".

Mahesh Ganesh Avatar Mahesh Ganesh

The training level was satisfactory more than expected , with a simple theroritical discussion in a restaurant followed by a really wonderful training session in the wilderness , Mr Gokul is highly skilled enough to make us train the sport with ease , and I would look forward to attend much more training and explorations with him

Amith Krishnan Avatar Amith Krishnan

positive review  My thanks to Gokul and BAS for organising this 'natural water park in wayanad' event, which gave me an opportunity to know practically about rappelling,canyoneering,etc. am looking forward to join more events like this with u guys and explore the nature in its true form..🙂

Ramya Naveen Avatar Ramya Naveen

I often dreamed to fall off the cliffs awaken terrified. Like someone rightly said Conquer your fear. Well, to defeat your fears you have to face it and do it. Hence I decided to get myself trained under the guidance of a world-class trainer, Gokul. My first ever experience with Canyoneering has only made me fall in love with the sport and I can tell you that I have promised myself to do it AGAIN! I really appreciate Gokul & his teams candor and creative method of instructing. They can even help a beginner feel confident, can make you feel strong and at the same time they will show you the beauty of this activity. Thanks a ton Gokul/Team (BAS) for being extremely patient through out the session and also for being exceptionally sweet to one of the noisiest group 😉

Rahana Raj Avatar Rahana Raj

Loved the way Gokul taught us the Canyoneering techniques today. Happy that I joined this school. Looking forward for activities where I can use these techniques.. I definitely recommend this school for all who wants to learn the Canyoneering techniques.

Chitra Shree Avatar Chitra Shree

I love the outdoors, I love to keep myself updated with skills that can help my life in the outdoors. Learning is a permanent project for me coz I believe I can connect, develop and improve each time. Thanks to Bangalore Adventure School, I get all the three. I got connected to people with common interests in adventure and nature and more importantly the right coach Mr "GoCool" (Gokul:)whose style of engagement in his programs can be summed up as "Systematic, Safe And Simple!" I appreciate his attention to details, patience and observation skills which makes his programs very engaging. His expertise and knowledge is commendable! And so with BAS and Gokul, I get to develop and improve my rock, rappel, conyoneering skills along with improving my understanding about the art of living in the outdoors in sync with nature and getting the best of it. Great initiative and admirable commitment to build and spread the conyoneering community in particular and adventure sports in general! I look forward for more. My best wishes to Gokul and BAS!!!

Venu G Avatar Venu G

Amazing learning experience.. and awesome Trainer Gokul

Nisha Shady Avatar Nisha Shady

I completed Level 1 finally last week. Had been planning for a while. Gokul is an amazing trainer. We learnt theory about Rappelling & practiced different techniques. Multiple practice session helped to develop confidence and at the end of day, I was happy to have completed this. I highly recommend Bangalore Adventure School and Gokul for learning about Canyoneering and about Trekking.

Abhinav Garg Avatar Abhinav Garg

I had an amazing experience with BASCOOL ! I appreciate Gokul's patience and his method of instructing the beginners that helped me through out the activity. The repeated safety checks gave me more confidence ! Waiting eagerly for Level 2 � Thanks a ton Gokul !

Sushree Soumya Mishra Avatar Sushree Soumya Mishra

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