Bangalore Adventure School (BASCool) is the only institute in India that gives structured training for Canyoneering as an adventure sport. Canyoneering is also known as Canyoning, Gorging etc. among the Europeans. Maybe you’ve rappelled with some guiding company; They tied you in and you walked down wondering what is that knot? what is that metal thing? How can I do it on my own? Maybe you’ve never rappelled before.

Maybe you’ve seen the movie 127 hours and was wondering what is canyoneering? irrespective of your prior experience in rappelling or canyoneering, we can train you to become the most expert cannoneer. Not just that, we can even put you in touch with other trained cannoneers to go play with you in the canyons!

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Our policy is to train in a safer location before going to actual canyons where there is real danger. Once you acquire and sharpen your skills, then go and conquer greater heights where nobody else will dare to rappel.

Our training is approved by Indian Canyoneers’ Association (ICA).  All our Canyoneering training efforts are led by Gokul Ramachandran who got all his certifications from USA. To know more about him, please check out the Instructor Profile here

What is Canyoneering / Canyoning?

Canyoneering (or Canyoning) is a trek through a canyon. When a river or a stream flows through rocks for many decades or centuries, they have a natural tendency to cut through the underlying surfaces. Such geographical structure carved out by the flowing water is called a canyon. Some canyons might still have water flowing through them; whereas some other canyons, if their surrounding area had become a desert, water would’ve ceased flowing tens or hundreds of years ago.

So, hiking to the top of a mountain, getting down into a canyon and following the watercourse is called canyoneering. If some spots in the canyons are waterfalls, then in order to continue further down, we will need ropes and other types of equipment along with the required knowledge and practice to use them. Such a controlled descent of a rock face using a rope is called Rappelling (in Europe it is called Abseiling).

Rappelling into Subway Canyon - Bangalore Adventure School
Rappelling into Subway Canyon
Rappelling a pretty chute in Mystery Canyon - Bangalore Adventure School
Rappelling a pretty chute in Mystery Canyon

This sport has been pretty popular in European countries quite over 50 years now. In the USA, this has picked up popularity in the last 20+ years. Whereas in countries like India, this sport is almost unheard off (barring some waterfall rappelling tours).

In 2016, Gokul had decided to come to India, train some local folks in canyoneering techniques and then explore and discover some canyons in India.

Zion National park in Utah, USA is an amazing place popular for hiking, rock climbing, canyoneering, camping etc. Here are some photos of Zion and canyoneering. Enjoy and do get excited!!

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