Golora Caves – Discovery – Bangalore

On November 26th, we discovered 2 nice caves near Bangalore. Raj named it as Golora caves. It is actually 2 separate caves very close to each other. one was filled with lots of healthy bats. We did not wanted to disturb the bats; so we didn’t go into that one. We explored the other one. After some stemming, belly crawling etc.

we reached a nice chamber where we can stand up. We found some blood marks on the rock surface. We suspect that some jungle cat would’ve brought its catch to this hall and would’ve savored it here.

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The Team

Gokul R at Eaton Canyon
Gokul R
Gokul is the Founder and Lead Instructor at Bangalore Adventure School. Click here to see Gokul’s Instructor Profile
Lokesh Kumar
Lokesh Kumar
Lokesh is an explorer at BASCOOL. He is also a Graduate of BASCOOL in various courses.
Raj Das Gupta
Raj is a Graduate of Canyoneering Course ( Level 1, 2 & 3) offered by Bangalore Adventure School.

The Cave – Golora Caves

This cave was discovered or first explored by the caving team of BASCOOL. The team consisted of Gokul, Lokesh and Raj. Hence, they named it as GoLoRa caves. in 2015, Gokul had gone for hiking near Magadi and that is when he had recce-ed this area. He happened to see some boulders fallen on top of each other and he was convinced that there might be some talus cave there. In 2016, the BASCOOL’s caving team went in and explored. They were successful and found 2 caves very near to each other. One is this Golora caves and the other one is bat-shit caves.

Videos from Golora caves

This is the tight squeeze section in Golora caves
An 8 minute video that shows all major sequences during our exploration
A 3 minute video during our discovery of Golora Caves

Photos from Golora caves

  • Inside Golora caves
  • one entrance to the Bat Shit caves 2
  • one entrance to the Bat Shit caves
  • Raj in Golora caves
  • View from the bottom while crawling thorugh the squeeze
  • Gokul crawling
  • Gokul and Sinu having a short chat
  • Raj crawling the squeeze in Golora Caves

Future Plans

We’ve rated this cave as C1 which means, there are no vertical sections in this cave. Hence rappelling or ascending may not be required. That also means pretty much anybody can go into this cave with someone who had already been to the cave before and knows to find their way through the cave. Please refer this page to see the cave rating system that we follow.

Caving Team at BASCOOL

BASCOOL conducts technical training for caving. In order to get invitation for our caving trips, you should have some caving training either from BASCOOL or from one of the international organisation that we recognise.

To become part of our caving team and to get notification about BASCOOL’s caving events, please join our WhatsApp group: BASCOOL Caving Team

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