Bootcamp Adventure Training is defined as a short, intensive, and rigorous course of training for outdoor and adventure sports.

By bootcamp style training we mean, a training that spans for 3 – 20 days and covers various levels of training in one go. This is very useful for non-Bangaloreans as they can come, stay at our outdoor facility and learn all of these in one shot. Stay, food, local transportation are all included in the course.

For more queries on Bootcamp courses, you may join this WhatsApp Group: Bootcamp Interested

This year (2020), we will be offering the following bootcamp style trainings.

  1. MOTHER Course – Master Of The Hills & ER
    1. Details
    2. Duration – 9 days
      ( 2 weekends + 5 weekdays)
    3. FAQs on MOTHER Course
    4. Registration Link
  2. TLC – Trek Leader Course
    1. Details
    2. Duration – 14 days
    3. FAQs on Trek Leader Course
    4. Registration Link
  3. CTL – Canyoneering Training – All 3 Levels
    1. Duration – 2.5 days

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