Bootcamp Adventure Training

Bootcamp Adventure Training is defined as a short, intensive, and rigorous course of training for outdoor and adventure sports.

BASCOOL is known for offering outdoor courses that suites the busy schedule that comes with Bangalore’s corporate lifestyle. We have WTC – Wilderness Trekking Course which is a 6 month course but, only during weekends. We also offer Canyoning and Caving courses which are split into multiple levels. Each level demands commitment of just a single day.

These has been extremely successful because of the following benefits

  • No need to take leaves
  • No need to travel far in flight
  • Save money

At the same time, for non-Bangaloreans, this pattern is a little challenging as they have to travel multiple times to Bangalore to complete all levels of training. We have been receiving a lot of requests from non-Bangaloreans to conduct bootcamp style trainings.

By bootcamp style training we mean, a training that spans for 3 – 20 days and covers various levels of training in one go. This also means, we need to arrange stay and food options for the participants. Last year (2018), we started our rustic campsite off of Kanakapura road named Ranch 14. It has been successfully running for more than year and now, we are in a good position to accommodate 20 – 200 participants in our campsite. Hence, we have started offering bootcamp style training as well.

This year (2019), we will be offering the following bootcamp style trainings.

  1. MOTHER Course – Master Of The Hills & ER
    1. Details
    2. Duration – 10 days
    3. FAQs on MOTHER Course
    4. Registration Link
  2. TLC – Trek Leader Course
    1. Details
    2. Duration – 14 days
    3. FAQs on Trek Leader Course
    4. Registration Link
  3. CTL – Canyoneering Training – All 3 Levels
    1. Duration – 2.5 days

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