Kausalya Trainer - During a Trek
Kausalya Trainer – During a Trek

Preferred / Nick Name : KD

Role(s) at BASCOOL : Instructor (Team Building & Outbound Trainings )

Intro : ???

Outdoor Activities :  Trekking, Mountaineering, Traveling, Caving

Fun Fact : ???




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Who Am I?

Kausalya Trainer - Manali Trekking
Manali Trekking

I was born in the hills, amidst the lush green tea plantations and the smell of eucalyptus and the chirping birds welcoming her into this world.  But, was transported to the bustling city of Bangalore at just 40 days new when I cried for 48 hrs non-stop as I had already realised that I belong to the hills! It took me 3 decades before I could go back to the beckoning hills regularly and now all that I want is to climb as many peaks as possible across the world.

When I am not in the lap of the mountains… I am engaged in team building and other training sessions for the corporate lot, college brats and the school bunch.

Be prepared to be a good listener or atleast pretend to be one around … for I can talk you to death. Rumour has it that only a few in this world have seen me silent, ever!



Kausalya Trainer - Public Speaking
Kausalya Devi – Public Speaking

Certifications from BASCOOL

Kausalya Trainer - During Rappelling Training
During Rappelling Training

Other Certifications

  • First Responder certification from ALERT

Other Achievements

  • Have conducted training sessions for 50+ corporates
  • Training session for 40+ colleges and some schools





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