MOTHER Course is the Swiss army knife of adventure courses because this course teaches a wide range of adventure activities and sports in bootcamp style.  It consists of route finding, map reading, navigation, rappelling, advanced rappelling, anchoring, belaying, team dynamics, Basic Life Support (BLS), Emergency Response (ER), trekking, backpacking, primitive camping, and basic astronomy. This course also imparts the skills necessary to be an expert adventurer.


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What is this MOTHER Course?

This is a 9-days residential course that will be held at Bangalore Adventure School’s outdoor site. Qualified instructors and Bangalore Adventure School staff will be present at all times during the course. If you choose to stay 6 extra days then you have the option to graduate as a Trek Leader. For details of the Trek Leader course , visit this page. Stay, food and local transportation will be provided.

For a list of Frequently asked questions on the MOTHER Course, please visit this FAQs page on MOTHER Course.

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What is Included?

  1. Full Canyoning Course (Level 1, 2, 3)
  2. Intro to Caving – 2 caving trips
  3. One Canyon trip
  4. One Backpacking trip
  5. Three Hiking trips
  6. Basic Astronomy
  7. Stay for 10 days
  8. Food for 10 days
  9. Local transportation
  10. All gear required – Helmets, Harness, Ropes, Descenders


Day Subjects / Contents / Syllabus
Day 1 Orientation
Course Expectation Setting
10 Essentials to be an Explorer ( 2 hrs)
Day 2 Simple hike – H1
Simple Caving – C1
Route Recording
Injury Prevention for outdoor sports
Day 3 Rappelling, Belaying, Advanced Rappelling
Intro to Knots
Day 4 Theory Day ( Rest day after 2 hikes )
Theory T2 – Navigation, Map Reading
Intro to adventure gear
Day 5 Trek – H2
Intermediate Caving – C1
Theory T1 – How to prepare for a trek ( 2 hrs )
Route finding for Explorations
Day 6 Anchor building
Day 7 Wilderness First Aid – Basic Life Support
2 Days backpacking – Day 1
Basic Astronomy
Basic Celestial Navigation – using Stars & Constellations
Day 8 2 Days backpacking – Day 2
Mastering the vertical world
Tall rappels or an actual technical canyon
Day 9 Evaluation – MOTHER Course
Graduation ceremony – MOTHER Course

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For more queries on Bootcamp courses, you may join this WhatsApp Group: Bootcamp Interested

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