Canyoneering Sandhan Valley – 3AIII

Sandhan Valley is a short canyon in Maharashtra. It is roughly 180 km away from Mumbai. The is a very nice canyon that stretches exactly 1 km with amazing canyon walls that are 100 – 200 ft tall on either side. There are at least 3 mandatory rappels in the canyons. 40 ft, 15 ft, and 15ft.

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It is a 3AIII during October till May. The first rappel has an option of either a 40 ft rappel in the water course (very minimal water) or a 50 ft dry rappel from RDC (Right Down Canyon). Folks do this canyon either of the 2 options.

  1. As a loop trail starting from the Samrad village, climbing back up via Karoli Ghat and reaching back to Samrad. Total 6.6 km round trip with 1500 ft elevation loss through the canyon and then gaining the same during the exit. ( )
  2. As Point-to-Point. Start at Samrad and end a village named Dehene all the way downstream. 8.5 km and an elevation loss of 1800 ft.

We were a group of 3. Me, Purohit Pinak, and our local guide from the village near to SV (named as Samrad). Usually, folks do this canyon over 2 days but, that is mainly because the group is really big and are first-time rappellers. We did it in one day (6-8 hrs) to complete this as a loop.

During the season, this is a very well traveled canyon. During the weekends there will be some 30 – 100 people going through this canyon. The irony is that most of them will be first-time rappellers. The guides give them a top rope belay and “lower” the “tourists” and those “tourists” end up believing that they’ve mastered the art of rappelling.

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