Trek for School Students

No matter where you live, spending time outside does wonders for your soul. If you fall in love with nature, you will find beauty everywhere. Hence, we believe that young ones should be introduced to nature, outdoors and wilderness very early in life. That is BASCOOL’s motivation behind conducting this trek for school students.

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Ekya Schools also believes in taking student out to nature is inevitable for an all round development of the new generation. For there are skills that are essential to life which are learnt outside of the curriculum; skills like, decision making, trust building, teamwork, risk analysis, planning etc. Hence they approached Bangalore Adventure School to conduct a trek for the school students.

Ekya School students trekking
Students from Ekya School at the summit

In the wake of India’s 70th republic day celebration 126 children from Ekya School were taken for an early morning mind-body workout to a popular hill in Bangalore.

We were 8 instructors from BASCOOL and 3 teachers from Ekya ITPL school. We split the group into 5 smaller groups of 25 children each so that, the trail doesn’t get crowded.

Thanks to Ekya School for entrusting us with this task and a big thanks to the instructors for making the event a big success.
Instructors : Chitra, Vijay, Himaja, Amith, Jeet, Madhukar, Praveen and Gokul

Ekya School students trekking
Instructors from BASCOOL

Distance : 5 kms total and 700 ft elevation gain.

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