As we venture into rockclimbing, we realise the need for various equipments for making rock climbing safe. Eventhough rock climbing is a well rewarding outdoor or sport activity, it comes with its own risks and dangers. Safety equipments helps us mitigate some of the risks. Here, we look into those equipments for rock climbing.

Main Equipments for Rock Climbing


Helmet is a standard device to help prevent head injury

Petzl and Black Diamond Helmet Images
Petzl and Black Diamond Helmet Images


Harness is worn by a climber and is a combination of waist loop, leg loops, belay loop and gear loops.

Crash pad

A bouldering mat or crash pad is a foam pad used to protect the climber from impact during a fall. Crash pads prevent climbers from becoming injured when falling from short heights.


Chalk is something used to absorb all the moisture that’s on your hands to keep them nice and dry to provide better grip.


an oval metal hoop with a spring-loaded gate that links attached rope and protective gear

Belay device

a piece of equipment that is used to control the rope when belaying

Ropes, Slings etc.

here are two different types of rope, static and dynamic and Sling is defined as a loop of rope or tape used to connect racking gear around chock stones for protection

Dogbone, Quickdraw etc.

A quickdraw consists of two carabiners connected by a semi-rigid material. It is also sometimes known as a dogbone. One carabiner connects to an anchoring device and has a straight gate. The other carabiner is used for the climbing rope, and has a bent gate.

Climbing Shoes

specialized footwear to aid climbing performance

Miscellaneous Equipments for Rock Climbing

Portaledge: is used for sleeping or resting during multi-day rock climbing routes.

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