FAQs on MOTHER Course ( Master of the Hills & ER )

Frequently Asked Questions
Course Details & Benefits

Who is this course meant for?

The following people / scenarios will gain from this course

  • I am a beginner to outdoor activities but, I want to reach expert level
  • I have completed a significant number of hikes and now want to go to the next level.
  • I recently got a job with one of the trekking company and I want to get the skills to be an expert trek leader.
  • I have my own campsite and I want to send my employees to get trained in leading or conducting outdoor activities.

What is the maximum batch size?

The batch size will be somewhere between 12 and 20.

What is the language of instruction?

This course will be taught in English. So, participants are expected to have basic knowledge of reading and writing English.

Is Rescue Skills involved in this course?

Nope. This is the 9-day course and rescue skills are not in this course. However, after finish this course, you have the option to stay for 6 extra days and attend the rescue workshop as well. That will get you the Trek Leader certification. For details of that course please visit Trek Leader Course

Is Leadership Skills involved in this course?

Nope. This is the 9-day course and leadership skills and rescue skill are covered in the Trek Leader Course. However, after finish this course, you have the option to stay for 6 extra days and attend the rescue workshop as well. That will get you the Trek Leader certification. For details of that course please visit Trek Leader Course

What is Included and What is not?

Is transportation included?

You are supposed to reach BASCOOL’s campus on your own. Once you reach the campus and report for the course, all local transportation required for the entire course will be taken care by BASCOOL.
We will also have a pickup service from the nearest Metro Station during a pre-arranged pickup time. The details of the pickup will be informed to you after registration.

Is stay included?

Yes, stay is included in this course. Infact, all participants MUST stay at BASCOOL’s premises during the entire course. Even, Bangaloreans are required to stay at our facility.

Where will we stay?

All participants will be staying at BASCOOL’s outdoor facility. There are rustic rooms available that can accomodate 40 people. There are dormitories that can accomodate atleast 60 people and we also have tent facility for another 100 people. Three people will be sharing a tent that can easily accomodate 4 people.

Is food included?

Yes, all the meals will be provided by BASCOOL. Three meals will be provided everyday and apart from that coffee / tea snacks will also be provided.
For the treks, food will be provided at the campsite and you are supposed to pack them in your re-usable lunch boxes and carry it yourself.

Will there be any water activities, rope activities etc. during the training?

Yes, there will be rope activities during the course but, NO water activities.


How fit do I need to be to attend this?

You are your best judge! If you think you are fit you are welcome.

However if you have any heart conditions, allergies and any other condition that could potentially be a hazard, please consult your doctor or physician before you enrol. We also request that you let us know of any condition that you think we need to be aware of. .

What is the age limit to enroll?

Must be atleast 12 years old on the first day of the training.

Will the hikes/treks be strenuous?

If and when there will be strenous treks, we shall ensure that you will be prepared.

Course Fee & Discounts

How much is the Fee?

21,999 INR is the fee.

I have already done many treks, Himalayan treks, caving, XYZ course from ABC institute. Can I skip some of the treks in the course?

Sorry! We believe the more you practice the better you will be.

I am a Graduate of BASCOOL. Will I get any discount?

Yes, If you are a Graduate of BASCOOL, according to the course you have completed, you are eligible for the following discounts.

  1. Graduated or currently enrolled in WTC – Wilderness Trekking Course. You will get 4,000 INR off in this course
  2. Graduated Canyoneering Level 1 course. You will get 2000 INR off in the course.
  3. Graduated Canyoneering Level 1 & 2 course. You will get 4000 INR off in the course.
  4. Graduated Canyoneering Level 1, 2 & 3 course. You will get 6000 INR off in the course.
  5. If you have completed both WTC and three levels of Canyoning course, you are eligible to get a discount of 10,000 INR.

First Aid, Emergency and Safety Policy?

All our instructors are trained in first-aid and basic life support.

Can I bring my pet?

We love pets! But unfortunately we can’t allow them. Although. you won’t be disappointed we have Hannah, Gorky and a couple of other dogs for company.


Do I need to buy any equipment for this program?

You will need to bring your regular trekking gear; backpack, shoes etc.
All the technical gear like rope, harness, helmets etc will be provided by BASCOOL.

If I need to buy or rent any equipment, will I get any guidance from BASCOOL?

Yes, the trek leaders and instructors of BASCOOL are always available to help you choose the best equipment for your needs.

Packing List

Any list of items that I should pack for the course?

Here is a broad list of items. Please refer this list and make your own packing list.
For day treks and multi-day treks, there will be a separate checklist which will be a subset of this broad list. That list will be share with your during the course.

Importance Items / Description
Essential Original ID Card – Driving License / Aadhaar / Passport / Election ID
Essential Water bottles (Re-usable) – 2 litres
Essential Lunch Box (Re-usable)
Essential Trekking Boots
Essential Running Shoes / Tennis Shoes
Essential Sandals when in camp
Essential Thick Woollen Socks
Essential Flashlight / Headlamp
Essential Extra batteries or Rechargeable batteries
Essential Gloves
Essential Monkey Cap / Scarf / Beanie
Essential Jacket
Essential Personal Medicines
Essential Contact lens / liquid
Essential T-shirts
Essential Pants
Essential Shorts
Essential Cap / Hat
Essential Whistle
Essential Towel
Essential Smart Phone ( Android Phone recommended )
Optional Personal Laptop
Optional First Aid Kit
Optional Towel
Optional Comb
Optional Shades / Sunglasses
Optional Sweater
Optional Toothbrush and other toletries ( Avoid plastic and plastic wrappers )
Cancellation and Refund Policy

Will I get a refund if I want to leave the course midway?


Have More Questions. Can I talk to someone?

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