Wilderness Trekking Course (WTC)

Wilderness Trekking Course (WTC) is a comprehensive training course offered by Bangalore Adventure School (BASCool) for anybody who likes trekking. This course is designed keeping in mind every outdoor lover – from those who have never hiked before to those who’ve already done some difficult treks in the Himalayas.

This course is designed for YOU if (any of the following) :

  • You are new to hiking; you are not sure were and how to start. You are looking for the proper guidance from a team of well qualified outdoor professionals.
  • You’ve been hiking a lot, but would like to learn the right skills from a team of well qualified outdoor professionals.
  • You’ve been hiking with groups or friends in the past and somehow your group just vanished as they got busy with their life
    But, you still have the hiking fire in you and you need company.
  • You’ve already climbed strenuous peaks such as Kumara Parvatha (KP) in a day, but now would like to learn the skills to guide your friends along.

For more queries, please visit our FAQ page (Frequently Asked Questions).

Wilderness Trekking Course (WTC) is a comprehensive course on mountain hiking spread over a period of 4 – 6 months (There are both weekdays ONLY and weekends ONLY batches. You may pick and chose according to your schedule). Doesn’t matter if you are 10 years old to 80 years old, you are welcome to join us. We always have our doors open if you need good company to go hiking.

If you are new to hiking, WTC gives you the opportunity to learn how to travel safely with confidence – in the backcountry. If you are an experienced hiker, WTC gives you a chance to review, to enhance your skills, and possibly to fill in some gaps.

Topics covered include travel techniques, navigation using map & compass, gear, weather, nutrition and hydration, back-country emergency, flash-flood and avalanche awareness, Leave No Trace, and more.

The course consists of six sessions. Two theory and four practical sessions (trek) each and some homework (yes, really!). Students are divided into groups of 10-13 people, based on preferred field day, with consideration for hiking level and age. Instructor teams consist of a senior instructor and if needed one assistant instructor.

Students have the opportunity to learn safe hiking techniques and to practice in a supportive environment. Students plan and complete a hike with their field group. WTC is a great place to learn and practice new skills, make new friends, and become a responsible and aware back-country traveller.

WTC Course Structures


Theory Session 1
Covers topics related to preparation for a hike

Theory Session 2
Basic Navigation: Directions, Map Reading, Using a Compass and Weather etc

Practical Sessions:
These sessions consist of actual hikes of varying levels of difficulty. Over a period of 4 – 6 months we will arrange various hikes as you progress in this course. Once you complete a H1 hike, you will be eligible to join us for a H2 hike and so on.

H1 – Level 1 hike – Basic 2 hour hike (3 or more basic hikes to be organized in the 1st month)
H2 – Level 2 hike – Half Day Hike (4 – 6 hours – 3 hikes)
H3 – Level 3 Hike – Full Day Hike (6 – 12 hours – 2 hikes)
H4 – Level 4 hike – Hiking and camping overnight (12 + hours – 2 hikes)

For more queries, please visit our FAQ page (Frequently Asked Questions).

Come join BASCOOL! We’ll see you at the other side of the mountain!

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12 Replies to “Wilderness Trekking Course (WTC)”

    • Guru Post author

      Thanks for your interest. This course is purely for recreation. The aim is to provide safe trekking techniques. So, there is very less chance of getting paid job after this course.
      However there are many trekking groups in and around Bangalore. Many of their trek leads have benefited from this course.

  1. Abhishek Ranjan

    I want to join the wilderness trekking course. Can I join now and when do I start ?

    • Guru Post author

      Thanks for contacting us. There is a batch starting this Saturday. You can register today online and start soon.
      Please call us (or whatsApp us) at 810-Five-2-Nine-2-136.

      You may also register here directly : http://imojo.in/BAS_WTC_2018a

  2. Nikhil Naik

    I wish to join for the Wilderness Trekking course, 2018 batch. Is it possible to join now?

  3. Guru Post author

    The course starts in the first week of August 2017.
    The first Theory (T1) will be on Aug 6th, Sunday 6 PM.

    • Guru Post author

      Course Fee : 4,899 INR
      Early bird discount (Please use code IPlanAhead )
      1000 off to those who register before Oct 30th
      600 off to those who register before Nov 11th
      400 off to those who register before Dec 15th

      Link to register


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