BASCool Policy / Guidelines Document

We BASCool are enablers! We prefer wholesome adventures over guided tours any day. We are here to:
  1. Equip you with technical skills for the outdoors.
  2. Provide the right technical equipment (gear) for you.
  3. Motivate you to push your limits in the outdoors.
  4. Get you to meet like-minded people with diverse interests who share the same appreciation and love for adventure and the outdoors as us.
  5. Provide you with a sense of accomplishment.
BASCool encourages and enables our students to be able to go on adventures on their own. We believe we can do that by…. 
  1.  Limiting the transportation options, so that you learn how to plan your travel within your means and to your liking and comfort. We encourage all participants to interact with each other and arrange carpools or shared transportation options. For places with access to public transportation, we might plan to travel together. For few events, we might provide limited seats of transportation but that is not a guarantee.
  2. Providing minimal food options. We encourage all participants to plan ahead and pack light-weight high energy food like dried grapes, cashew nuts, peanuts, sandwich etc. In the case of our events consisting camping in a remote location, we will try to arrange some basic food / snacks.
  3. Avoiding staying in expensive resorts. If there is SAFE public land available for camping, we usually prefer that over other paid facilities. That also means, when nature calls, you might have to go to the bushes!!! Here is a nice video on Bathroom etiquette while in the outdoors ( ). Remember a 6 inch deep hole and please cover it up after business.
  4. Leaving No Trash: Yes, when it comes to nature, protection of nature, leave no trace principles etc. we have severe OCD.